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    Welcome to SpiritMc,

    Thank you for playing on SpiritMc, i would like to update you on what the server has to offer and some of the new updates we have added. If you find any issues please report them to staff thank you.

    Crates - We have added a number of crates from Monster, Vote, Epic, Legendary, Rare, Monthly and the spirit crate. Each of these have amazing in-game-products you can win!

    MobCoins - we have added MobCoins to the server. How do you earn these? you can kill mobs such as Zombies, Creeper, Spider and more you can also win them from crates! What can you do with these? You can buy In-Game-Items with them by using the command: /MobCoins.

    AutoSell - We have handed autosell to SpiritMc this allows players to sell items via a chest by using [Autosell] on a sign.

    PvP - Huge update for pvp fans. We have added 1.8 PvP this means no hit delays extra.. Beware our new hack client is amazing ;)

    KitPreview - You can now preview kits by doing /KitPreview (KitName) this allows you to view the kits.

    Friends - You can now make friends in-game by doing /Freinds with this you can do load's of commands with this such as find out when your friends come online.

    Rewards - You can now claim rewards in game with /Rewards this will give you a suprize everyday for logging on!

    MysterySpawners - You can now gain access to mystery spawners by crates, Mobcoin shop, Or even purchase them from the store.

    Chat Games - We have added chat games answer the in-game questions and win rewards!

    MoneyPouch's - You can now win money pouch's via crates.

    Auction - A Huge update has been added to auction do /ah and see the difference!

    SkyBlock - The big update to SpirtMc we have added loads to Skyblock such as a custom /is cp panel new island challenges. And the big update your island is now judged of how much its worth this goes of spawners, blocks, and what's in chests the #1 island top island will win a prize at the end of the season.. Prizes listed at spawn.

    Hope you enjoy the new update!

    - SpiritMc Staff

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Discussion in 'Server Announcements' started by LiquidMc, Aug 7, 2018.

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