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    You must be 14+
    You must have 24h+ play time.
    Your Forums account must be 7days+ old.
    You must be an active member on SpiritMc.
    No Mutes / Bans within 7days of your application.
    You cannot be staff on any other servers.
    You must know the rules / Punishments.
    You must be able to identify hack clients.
    You must have a clear understanding on the rules.
    You must be dedicated to the server.
    You must be a good team worker.
    You need to have a Good judgement.

    Extra Infomation:
    You can edit your application at any point.
    The more detail the better.
    500+ Words will increase your chance.

    Your Job:
    Helping players on the server / discord / forums.
    Alot more.. Admins+ Will explain if you get staff.

    Terms of staff:
    You will not leak staff chats or Staff infomation.
    You will not abuse your powers or you will be demoted.
    You must keep evidence of punishments for 2weeks+
    You must not lie to players or staff.
    You will not ignore players.
    You must warn other staff if your going to be inactive for 5+ days.
    Please note if you break any of our requirments you will lose your
    staff position and could be banned depending on what you have done.

    Do you accept these requirments?
    Yes Or No

    Any Questions:
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