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    * SpiritMc Server Rules *

    Chargebacks: Charging back on donations you have made via the online-store any charge backs will result in a permeant ban (No appeal) please note we fight chargebacks.

    Evasion: Evading a mute or ban on another Minecraft account under your ip.

    Swearing: You can swear on the server but in a non-Aggressive way, You cannot swear towards players or in an aggressive manor.

    Spamming: Spamming words, sentences, letters, or text is not allowed on the server. Repeating messages must be 1min+ Apart.

    Harassment: Harassing players or the server.

    Player Disrespect:
    Disrespecting players such as insults or unnecessary comments towards players.

    Illegal Trades: Trading outside the server. This is things such as selling your island for real life cash. We allow players to sell island or goods for ranks or crates.

    Advertising such as Play.ServerIp.Com

    Suicide Encouragement: Encouraging players to kill them selves or telling them to self-harm joking or not we take this seriously. If you have any issues about suicide or self-harm, please message a member of staff we will help you through. Note from Owner: Feel free to message LiquidMc on forums if you want to die or feel upset about something I’m willing to help any of you.

    Offensive Language: Hate Speech.

    Threats towards players or the server is not allowed.

    Impersonation: Impersonation is things such as pretending your staff or nicknaming your self another players name. If you need staff, we all have [Staff] tag in the tab menu.

    Teleport Trapping: /Tpahere into a trap and killing the player. If this happens we will remove your /tpa permissions and ban you until the issue is fixed.

    Inappropriate Builds: Inapporopriate builds such as a penis.

    Griefing: Grieifing player islands or the server.

    Exploiting: Exploiting bugs, glitches this is not allowed and will be perm-banned (No Appeal)

    Inappropriate usernames / skins: Skins such as A Penis. Usernames such as BigCockBrad.

    DDoS Threats: Threating to DDoS players or the server. (No Appeal)

    Scamming In-Real-Life: Scamming people for in-real-life cash. Note from owner: If this happened to you please contact me or AnimeMonkey with proof and we will help get your money back.

    Hacking: No illegal clients that allow you to have advantages.

    AFK Mining: Afk Mining is not allowed 5 strike system before 10-day ban.
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